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Parapay Services

7 / 24 Money Transfer

Easy To Use and Fast System to Pay and Receive Money btoh in Uzbekistan and Internationally

Uzcard / Humo

You can use your Uzcard and Humo cards by Parapay

Your Private Wallet

You may use your Parapay Wallet to collect , sende and receive Money, Instead of using your bank cards and accounts. Wallet to wallet is free of charge

Visa / Mastercard

You can use your Visa and Mastercard cards by Parapay

Online Shopping Payment

Use your Parapay also on online shopping at e-commerce sites and marketplaces

Bank , Government , Insurance and 3rd Party Payments

Use your Parapay to pay any invoice and installments.

For All Your Payment Needs

With its advanced features, the next generation payment system - Parapay - will be your only application for all your payments and money transfers. While earning money with Cashbacks, you will be able to maintain your financial balance with low transfer commissions.


  • Payment with QR

  • Payment with NFC

  • Payment Offline

  • Manage All your cards in one App

Payment System for Companies

Integrated payment collection system both offline and online. Marketplace and e-commerce payments easily transferred via Parapay Gateway.

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